What is BOGO Ovals?

February 2023 BOGO OVALS
Wednesday, February 15th thru Wednesday, March 1st

BOGO Ovals is a promotional event we run as our way of saying “Thank You!” to all of our Loyal R.O.C.K. Card Customers. The event is run twice a year for two weeks in February and two weeks in August. Customers must *qualify* as a “Loyal Customer” in order to be eligible for the BOGO Oval Promotion.

“BOGO Ovals” was always meant to be a customer appreciation bonus for our regular loyal customers. Unfortunately, over the years customers came from everywhere to get the free Ovals but only twice a year. What that did was create a negative effect for our “loyal customers” who dine with us throughout the year. The wait times increased and the product quality suffered. When we started our customer loyalty program we named it “ROCK”, Ron’s Original Customer Klub.  We wanted to reward our loyal customers with special bonuses throughout the year.  The decision to require 100 points to qualify for BOGO Ovals was mine in the interest of maintaining product quality and great customer service. 

Please make sure our staff logs your ROCK number or swipes your ROCK card when ordering. We will strive to ask for the ROCK Card on all transactions throughout the year to ensure that you are getting your points and thereby qualifying for your rewards.

Thanks for your business! - Ron Inverso


– For February BOGO Ovals customers must have accumulated 100
points on their R.O.C.K. Card between August 31st and February 1st

– For August BOGO Ovals customers must have accumulated 100
points on their R.O.C.K. Card between February 28th and August 1st


*** PLEASE NOTE: the BOGO Ovals Promotion is limited to TWO (2) FREE OVALS PER CUSTOMER PER VISIT ***