Our Family's Pledge

Our philosophy—and our mission—is to serve healthy food made on-site daily with the freshest, best-quality ingredients. In fact, we start at 6:00 AM most mornings in the interest of preparing your food fresh and from scratch.

“Our Food, Your Body” – Menu Particulars

Soups – Our tantalizing soups are made from fresh stocks that are a by-product of the meats we slow roast and the fresh chicken we hand cut, no artificial bases…ever.

Meats – We do not use pre-portioned packaged frozen meats for our dinners. Our filet mignon is from Angus steer that are antibiotic and hormone-free. Our New York strip steaks are “natural” antibiotic and hormone-free and are hand cut by our chef when you place your order. Likewise, our burgers are fresh ground Certified Angus, never frozen. Our chicken cutlets are heavily hand trimmed from fresh, natural hormone, antibiotic-free chicken breast. We are proud to say that you will NEVER find a piece of gristle in our chicken.

Seafood – Our salmon fillets are fresh cut by our chef. Our mussels, clams and calamari are fresh ice packed, never frozen. Our Black Tiger shrimp used in our dinners are received frozen to maintain freshness.

Sandwiches – Our turkey breast is freshly baked on premises from raw turkey breast. Our chicken breast is heavily trimmed from fresh hormone- and antibiotic-free breasts. We then prepare it by using simple marinades or our own seasoned breadcrumbs. Our roast beef starts as fresh hormone- and antibiotic-free Angus top round and our pork is fresh-frozen loin that we bake for eight long hours. Our bacon is nitrite-free. All of our lunchmeats are of the best quality and leanest varieties available. We serve all our sandwiches on a variety of breads delivered fresh every morning from our local vendors.

Salads and Vegetables – We get produce deliveries 6 days a week. All of our salads are made with fresh-cut lettuce (not the bagged, gas-preserved version). Even our mixed greens are hand washed, dried, cut and mixed by our kitchen staff. Our vegetables, received daily, are all cut fresh and mostly cooked to order.


First of all, I consider our customers and employees part of our family and the health of our family is important to me. Secondly, I’ve done a lot of research on the importance of “scratch” cooking over the years by serving meals without relying on additives and preservatives. Basically, the fresher and more natural our food is, the healthier it is for us and the better our chances are of maintaining good health. Third, it’s the right thing to do. Here at Ron’s Original, it is our pleasure to serve you delicious, scratch-made wholesome meals at reasonable prices without sacrificing taste.

The bottom line is, “If I Wouldn’t Eat It, I Won’t Serve It!”

Thanks, Ron