Community Nights

At Ron’s we like to keep things local, supporting our community and the charities and organizations within. That is why we introduced “Community Nights”, a chance for you to dine at your local favorite while raising money for your charity or organization. And this is how it works:

  1.  Community Nights can be booked for any Monday or Tuesday night from 4:00 pm to close. (times are subject to availability)
  2.  Simply request your Community Night by filling out the form below or by speaking to one of our Managers at 610-594-9900.
  3. Once your event is scheduled, our Marketing Manager will email you a Community Night coupon to give out to all of your guests.
  4.  Bring your group in to dine at your scheduled date and time and make sure that each table presents their coupon upon paying for their meals.
  5.  Ron’s will donate 15% of the food sales to your charity or organization for all of the participants that present their coupon. (excluding alcohol, tax and gratuity)

Raising money has never been easier or more delicious! Contact us today to set up your Community Night!