Serving real food, for the health of it: the produce

May 8, 2024

Gluten Free – Gluten Free Available – Vegetarian – Spicy – Hormone & Antibiotic Free – From Scratch


At Ron’s Original Bar & Grille, serving real food that is clean and good for you is more than a belief, it is our philosophy. Pay a visit to the grocery store and you will find shelves loaded with products that are processed, filled with preservatives, and boosted by artificial flavors and colors. These are products that are not only lacking in vitamins and nutrients but also negatively impacting your overall health.

So, how do we avoid consumption of these detrimental ingredients and begin consuming products that are good for you? The answer is to start with whole foods. Whole foods are ingredients that have not been processed or altered. They include fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, proteins, nuts, beans and eggs.

Here at Ron’s Original we take pride in starting every dish from scratch, using whole food ingredients including our produce.

Clean, Organic Produce for your Health!

Almost every dish on the extensive menu found at Ron’s Original Bar & Grille contains some form of fresh produce. Whether it be the fresh garlic we chop daily to the assortment of vegetables we offer as sides to the celery you receive with your order of wings; it is always fresh and always carefully sourced from our trusted, local partners. With a produce delivery schedule of six days a week, our kitchen staff is always busy inspecting each item to ensure its quality and integrity. You won’t find an inferior product in your next meal!

All of our salads are made with fresh-cut lettuce and greens (not the bagged, gas-preserved version). Even our mixed greens are hand washed, dried, cut and mixed by our kitchen staff. That side of steamed broccoli you crave, is hand-cut and prepared fresh daily. The carrots in Cathy’s Famous Carrot Cake? Cleaned and hand shredded for each cake by Cathy herself! We truly spare no expense at ensuring our customers get the freshest products at the best quality. Why? Because that’s what you deserve!

To learn more about what goes into our food and ingredients at Ron’s Original Bar and Grille, check out our story and pledge. As the bottom line states, if Ron wouldn’t eat it, he won’t serve it!