5 reasons to choose italian catering for your next party

March 1, 2023

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Brace yourself, we have some bad news: the Italians didn’t invent pasta. Believe it or not, the food they are most famous for was one they stole from their neighbors, the Etruscans.

Thanks to the conquest of the Romans, Italian food has had hundreds of years to incorporate ingredients from across the Mediterranean. Whether that be Austrian butter and beer, or French cheese, Italian takes the best of the best and makes it better. This is why we believe you should get Italian catering for your next party.

Believe it or not, there’s a lot more to Italian food than breadsticks and pesto. Keep reading for five reasons why Italian party food is an excellent choice.

1. Italian Catering Is Absolutely Delicious

There’s a reason that Italian is often at the top of the list when people think of eating internationally. This is a cuisine that is so ubiquitous that even countries with their own delicious cuisine (like Spain) consume it more than their own national dishes. It’s so popular in fact that Italians have frequently tried to correct “food crimes” when cooking their gastronomy.

It’s hard to describe exactly why Italian food is so amazing. It manages to feel very healthful by using Mediterranean ingredients that promote longevity. But at the same time, it is incredibly flavorful and leaves you satisfied.

The most common takeout food across the globe is pizza, for crying out loud! When you choose Italian, you’re choosing to make your guests’ mouths water.

2. There Is a Lot to Choose From

Italian food catering might seem like it’s limited to risotto and pizza slices. But there’s a lot more that this international favorite has to offer. If you have picky guests, or those who might have certain nut allergies, you’re bound to find something that will satisfy every invitee.

Here are just a few of the options available to you:

  • Caprese tray: fresh basil, tomatoes, and sliced mozzarella in a balsamic reduction
  • Mediterranean antipasto: a smorgasbord of meats and healthy cheeses as well as roasted and marinated vegetables
  • Eggplant Rollatini: breaded eggplant topped with mozzarella and stuffed with ricotta

If you are only interested in finger foods that aren’t too messy, then there is plenty of Italian catering food that fits the bill. But if you’re going to be having a dinner party with a sit-down atmosphere, you can pull out the full nine yards with a meal.

When you order from an Italian catering menu, you get the food in large trays that are ideal for sharing. People who aren’t that familiar with Iberian favorites can easily mix and match. Everyone has a chance to try some of the best Italian food in town.

The great thing about it is that it tastes good at all temperatures. So if you have a party that drags out through the night, the food won’t lose its appeal once it cools down.

3. It Uses High-Quality Ingredients

Italian cuisine can be relatively light on the ingredients compared to others. The chef’s intention is to make flavors like olive oil and basil really pop. The only way to do this is with high-quality ingredients.

You can taste the difference when food is made well. Choose a caterer that has awards, and you guarantee an unforgettable culinary experience for your guests.

High-quality food also lasts longer. There’s a good chance there may be some leftovers when you finish. There’s nothing guests love more than being able to take home a big tray of Italian to make into work lunches.

4. It Goes Well With Any Occasion

From weddings to bachelor parties, you always want to choose the right food for the right event. Having chips and dip might not be the best match for a high-class wedding reception.

Another great thing about Italian foods like goes well with any situation. Having a formal dinner party? Try some specialty pastas.

But if you’re trying to keep the mess down and want to stick to wine and tasting, you have that option too. Italian food fits everything from a quinceañera to a graduation party. You’d be hard-pressed to find somebody who wouldn’t enjoy some delicious slow roast pork in Italian style.

5. The Catering Staff Takes the Load off Your Shoulders

Organizing a social event can be a nightmare for the uninitiated. It’s not just sending out RSVPs and clearing up your busy schedule. Simply arranging the food can be a headache just to think about.

Italian food isn’t exactly the sort of thing you order last minute. So that’s why you take a big load off your shoulders when you go with catering Italian food.

Caterers make sure that the most important part of the event shows up on time, and is hot and delicious. They make sure that your guests have full stomachs so they can enjoy the festivities.

There’s no need to dirty your kitchen or impose on a family member that is inclined to the culinary arts. The food shows up ready in trays, making cleanup dead simple. And as we said, whatever is left over is fair game.

Last but not least, it can be a benefit to your party budget. Catering often gets the bad rap of being expensive. In reality, you can find affordable catering that still gives you incredible taste and value.

Get Your Catering from Ron’s

The verdict is in: Italian food is one of the most popular in the world, which makes it an ideal choice when selecting catering for your next event. Italian catering offers a wide variety of options, from light snacks to classic entrées. The catering makes your party planning that much easier–and still remains budget-friendly.

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